About The Ferguson Group, Ltd.

We are the United States' premier specialists in agriculturally oriented business and financial management.

Operating Turnarounds

Each Ferguson Group office specializes in providing experienced, professional business and financial counsel to guide troubled operations in achieving solid recovery from serious Operating Losses to consistent to attractive Profitability.  Outstanding records of success have been developed with commercial farms and ranches throughout the total agricultural sector having Sales of $300,000 to $20 million annually.  Ownership is provided with detailed written analysis concerning an operation’s key strengths and weaknesses accompanied by specific recommendations which should enable early correction to positive financial performance.


Business Operations

The Ferguson System Of Financial Analysis spotlights exactly how efficiently your farm, ranch, or other business endeavor is functioning from both financial and management perspectives... along with why.  Each office has significant experience with developing unusually thorough, 150-165 page OPERATIONS REVIEW AND ANALYSIS studies of entities generating Sales of $400,000 to $20 million annually.  A lower cost, BUSINESS STUDY containing 65-80 pages is also prepared for farms, ranches, and other businesses having less than $400,000 Sales annually.


Financial Analysis

The Ferguson System Of Financial Analysis is widely recognized as production agriculture’s most thorough and informative process for understanding where an operation has been...is now...and likely will be within a desired time horizon.  Some 40-44 financial progress measurements are applied to identify key strengths and weaknesses which have emerged during the past 3-5 years.  Specific enterprise efficiency and Profitability measurements are also provided when adequate data are available.  Two of North America’s most highly regarded agricultural accounting software firms have incorporated Ferguson System performance ratios and indices into their financial packages.


Workshops & Seminars

More than 30,000 U.S. and Canadian agricultural producers, accountants, lenders, consultants, allied industry personnel, government specialists and educators have attended Ferguson Group, two-day Managing For Profit Workshops conducted throughout both countries.  Another 3,000 ag lenders and their support staffs have also attended two-day, specialized Financial Analysis Workshops designed to strengthen personal loan analysis capabilities. 

Seminars lasting periods of 3-8 hours each focus on a variety of financial, management, and marketing topics are also provided.  Contact any Ferguson Group office for complete information concerning both Workshops and Seminars.


Newsletter Publishing

The Ferguson AgReport is commonly regarded as North American agriculture’s most informative, monthly business and financial newsletter.  Edited by Roy Ferguson, some10-15 on-the-firing-line writers provide crisp, information-filled articles concerning such crucial subjects as business and financial management...banking relations...employee and ownership compensation...global ag trends...government policy...key economic trends...marketing... maximizing Profitability...new niche production and Sales development...strategic planning...and much, much more. 

Every issue of Roy's Tip Of The Week! is written by Roy Ferguson personally and distributed exclusively via E-mail each week.  His direct-to-the-point, no-nonsense writing style covers and unparalleled range of topics which every commercial producer and ag affiliated individual will definitely find both thought-provoking and useful. 


Textbook Publishing

Two books authored by Roy Ferguson are available.

The 220-page, Managing For Profit In Commercial Agriculture focuses on the Ferguson System Of Financial Analysis in commercial agriculture.  Its purpose is to assist farmers, ranchers, agricultural lenders, professional advisers, and students planning agricultural careers in understanding the business and financial prerequisites for achieving maximal Profitability.

Applying Ferguson System Financial Signals is a 39-page compilation of detailed explanations relative to 41 key financial performance measurements which are utilized in Ferguson System Analysis. 


Profitability Enhancement

Another Ferguson Group specialty guides clients throughout the United States and Canada in moving systematically from disappointing Profitability to consistently attractive levels.  Multi-year trend analysis utilizing proven Ferguson System analytical and management guidelines and procedures identifies specific corrections or adjustments that should be made along with timelines for each.


Banking Relations

Every Ferguson Group office has lengthy experience in banking and Farm Credit System relations...optimal structuring of loans...as well as presentation of financial documentation for loan requests.  Removing the “mystery” from your lender’s highly specialized vocabulary to identify clearly what he/she actually means constitutes another area of valuable expertise.


Agricultural Lender Training

Some 3,000 agricultural loan officers and support personnel throughout the United States have received specialized training in loan analysis and turn-around recognition from Ferguson Group instructors.  Sponsors of ag lender training workshops have included both national and state banking groups...Farm Credit System staff...and local bank personnel.  Two senior members of  The Ferguson Group have served as instructors at the Colorado Graduate School of Banking... three have been directors of local banks...plus six have substantial, direct loan officer experience.


Budget Development

Why not join the list of Ferguson Group clients who are consistently forecasting and controlling their bottom-line Profitability with 95-97% accuracy?  Yes, such results not only can be achieved in production agriculture, they are being accomplished regularly in virtually every sector.  A custom-prepared manual developed especially for each operation guides individuals through the total process from beginning to end.  Systematic monitoring by a Ferguson Group senior analyst also provides valuable oversight.  Yes, considerable personal effort is required by each client, but the results can be literally amazing with proper preparation and follow-through.


Strategic Planning

Highly specialized, 3-5 year Business Plans for farms, ranches, and other operating entities have been prepared successfully by senior Ferguson Group analysts throughout the past 20 years.  The process tracks where an operation has been...is now...and will be, assuming the overall process is implemented as presented.  Considerable involvement by existing management is required to develop key business and financial objectives accompanied by timing constraints.


Accounting Applications

Senior analysts in four of the Ferguson Group’s eight offices have extensive accounting backgrounds...plus three offices provide formal training in computerized accounting software installation and operation.  Reinforcing expertise can also be obtained, if advisable, from specialists at the nation’s two leading developers of agricultural accounting software that have incorporated Ferguson System procedures in their software packages.


Acquisitions & Start-Ups

Every Ferguson Group office has extensive experience with acquisitions of third-party owned, agricultural and non-agricultural businesses, including key aspects of exercising due diligence prior to negotiating acquisition agreements.  Thorough understanding also exists regarding critically important, inherent risks in start-up operations which are often overlooked.



Determining “if”...“why”...“how”...and “what will be both the short-term and long-range financial impacts” are crucial issues when considering whether or not a divestiture will affect your overall business situation.  Can taxes be minimized or even avoided altogether?  Obtaining third-party, experienced, professional counsel can be invaluable in most situations.


Two-Tier Debt Restructuring

All three U.S. banking regulatory agencies recognized the Ferguson System’s procedures for TWO-TIER DEBT RESTRUCTURING involving production agriculture and the nation’s independent oil & gas sector during 1986.  The process is designed specifically for operations that are burdened with significantly too much Current Liabilities and are struggling to avoid either foreclosure or bankruptcy.  Client operations are typically returned quickly to desirable Profit levels making them valued accounts for their lenders.


Capital Development

Capital development ranks among the most frustrating mysteries for many individuals in production agriculture and other types of small business.  Structuring the most effective blend of Equity, Borrowed, and Lease Capital is critically important for achieving success...whether the total amount is $100,000 or $25 million.  Also strategically crucial is the legal form of business ...a proprietorship...partnership...LLC...S corporation...or standard corporation...which promotes optimal success on a long-range basis.