Ferguson Group Educational Opportunities

We conduct specialized seminars for farmers, lenders, managers, entrepreneurs and others with a stake in the agriculture industry.

All training is results-oriented, focusing on key factors affecting your financial performance.

Producer and Lender Workshops

For: Producers, lenders and agribusiness managers with decision-making responsibilities

What We Do: Comprehensive, hands-on, results-oriented training on topics such as:

  • Agricultural trends and financial overview of U.S. agriculture
  • Loan documentation and financial statement preparation
  • Profit & Loss versus Balance Sheet lending
  • Winning with lenders
  • Advanced financial analysis for commercial agriculture
  • Developing investor capital
  • Nine signals of financial success

Single-Topic Presentations

For: Producers, lenders, owners, managers, educators, students, commodity groups, and farm organizations

What We Do: Provide focused discussion on single topics such as:

  • Predicting farm success or failure
  • Determining the value of land
  • Developing an effective management information system
  • Preparing a successful loan request
  • Profit & Loss lending in agriculture
  • Micro versus Macro financial analysis
  • Strategic importance of Capital Movement efficiency
  • Structuring Profitability in farms and ranches

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