Montana: Ferguson Group (Billings) Ltd.

We provide specialized, professional consulting, financial analysis, and valuation services to commercial, agricultural production businesses and lenders, focusing on improving profitability and reducing risk.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services rely on qualified, professional application of the FERGUSON SYSTEM of financial analysis and management.  This unique, internationally recognized approach to financial ratio/index performance analysis of production agricultural businesses, combined with our experience in commercial crop and livestock production and agricultural lending, assures you of effective business, financial, and marketing counsel.

Operations Review and Analysis & Ferguson System Analysis

These reports focus on analysis of five-year trend paths, utilizing up to 35-40 performance ratios and financial indices, and are equally effective for turnaround situations needing rescue from perpetual "crisis management;" new ventures or controlled, profitable expansion of existing enterprises.  We concentrate on past and present profitability and financial efficiency, identify key strengths and weaknesses, and develop a detailed report of where your business has been... where it is now... and where it is going or should go.

Quarterly Reviews

Client firms profit regularly from senior level business counsel at minimal cost.  FERGUSON GROUP analysts review each fiscal quarter's business, financial, and sales progress relative to formal goal and performance guidelines.  A concise, printed report focuses on key factors needing management's immediate attention.

RAM/MBO Budget System

Failure to achieve 95%, or better, budget development and control accuracy in a volatile, economic environment practically assures poor profitability... perhaps even financial disaster.  Yet virtually any business, including commercial agriculture, can maintain strong budget accuracy via correct implementation of a custom designed, FERGUSON GROUP RAM/MBO System.  Specific procedures outlined within the Ferguson System enable you to control your business instead of simply reacting to continuing problems.


Ferguson Group personnel are available and seeking opportunities to conduct a variety of highly specialized training programs for both senior and middle management.  Each session is results oriented as it focuses on targeted business, financial, marketing, and banking problems.  Individual workshops vary from one to six days in length.  Programs are conducted locally for client organizations, or at regional locations.  Approximately 2-3,000 agricultural producers and lenders have attended these workshops annually for more than 15 years.

Special Addresses

Ferguson Group Senior Consultants are available and eager to address your trade organization or other group on a variety of finance and management topics.

The Ferguson AgReport

The AgReport is distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada each month.  Its focus is on management and financial topics that are crucial in today's agricultural environment.  "Must read" topics are addressed by a diverse group of writers professionally engaged in business planning and management, financial analysis, banking, marketing, data processing, legal problems, human relations, government issues as well as crop and livestock production both domestically and abroad.

Real Estate Appraisal Services

  • General Certification in Montana and Wyoming (permits and reciprocal certification agreements expedite expansion of this geographic area to other states)
  • Farm/Ranch, Commercial, Residential and Chattel Appraisals
  • Appraisals for Mortgage Lending, Estates, Ad Valorem Taxation, Litigation, Right of Way
  • Regularly engaged in appraising: all types of rural real estate (irrigated, dry land and recreational crop and pasture land, and rural improvements); agricultural chattel property; single and multifamily residential properties; and small commercial and industrial properties
  • Experience in appraising specialized, complex properties: Hotel/Motel, Fast Lube facilities, Convenience Stores, Confinement Swine facilities, Grain Elevators, Apartments, Executive Residences
  • Clients include commercial Banks, Mortgage Brokers, U.S. and State governmental agencies, attorneys, and individuals

Professional Qualifications

Click here for the professional qualifications of Terry Rohrer, owner and manager of Ferguson Group's Billings office.


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