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Specializes in business turnarounds, strategic planning for expansion, and market penetration.  Is both a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Agricultural Consultant.  Served clients in 60 different types of industries, businesses, and professions located in 42 states, Canada, and abroad.  Pioneered financial ratio/index guideline procedures for analyzing and managing agricultural firms.  Conceived the Two-Tier Debt Restructuring procedures for agriculture and the independent oil & gas sector which were authorized by U.S. banking regulatory agencies during March, 1986.

Expanded family owned, Oklahoma based, turkey breeding company to subsidiary operations in 14 countries having sales in 35 more. Formerly president of SAC, a venture capital and management firm in Georgia...president of Proco Corporation, a German/Swiss/U.S. joint venture in hybrid swine breeding. Chief operating officer of Holladay Associates Of Boston, a $100 million sales financial, business, and industry organization.

Roy has lectured widely both domestically and abroad…reviewed 36 agricultural cases at the Harvard Business School's executive education program and provided instruction in agricultural finance at Oklahoma State and Kansas State Universities plus several community colleges.

Prepared economic penetration studies of six industries…author of the book, "Managing For Profit In Commercial Agriculture", published in 1990 by Prentice Hall…in addition to writing more than 650 articles for agricultural publications.  Listed in World Who's Who In Commerce And Industry…and Who's Who In The South and Southwest. Served on a Special Advisory Committee to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture…selected for a Presidential Task Force to examine food systems investment and finance questions in Liberia…reviewed the agricultural status of Thailand for the U.S. State Department's AID concerning expansion and investment opportunities…invited by the Tanzanian Government to study their national oil seed industry…participated in national, foreign affairs conferences on "The U.S. And The Middle East" plus "Canada and The U.S."…Member of a British agribusiness delegation to the former Soviet Union…assessed Canadian agriculture for the Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario Departments of Agriculture…and analyzed the Alaskan dairy industry for the State Attorney General's office.  Had senior management responsibilities in commercial lending, institutional real estate mortgage development, and SBIC organization.

Conducted training in financial analysis, credit procedures, and debt restructuring for U.S. Farm Credit System personnel in three districts as well as for the Independent Bankers Association of America and six, State Banking Associations.  Presents business and financial workshops for farmers and ranchers throughout the U.S. and Canada plus seminars for individual lending institutions.  Co-founder of Ferguson Agri-Management Institute At The University Of Tulsa.  Publisher/editor of The Ferguson AgReport, a nationally distributed monthly newsletter, and Roy's Tip Of The Week!, a 450-650 word, weekly news bulletin regarding especially timely topics that readers should evaluate.  Roy was a faculty member of the 1988-90 Colorado Graduate School of Banking, and was appointed an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma State University during 2004. He is also a past president of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants. The Ferguson Group currently has offices in eight states.  Consulting Associates are being added on a multi-state basis.

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