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The Ferguson AgReport

Join the rapidly growing list of enthusiastic readers of the widely acclaimed, 6-page, monthly, agricultural business newsletter.  Unprecedented, high levels of subscriber renewals are its best testimony to reader satisfaction.

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Roy's Tip Of The Week!

Subscribers are uniformly enthusiastic concerning the new, colorfully written, information packed column which is distributed exclusively via e-mail for viewing every Monday morning.

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Managing For Profit In Commercial Agriculture

This book focuses on the Ferguson System Of Financial Analysis in commercial agriculture. Its purpose is to assist farmers, ranchers, agricultural lenders, professional advisers, and students planning agricultural careers in understanding the business and financial prerequisites for achieving maximal Profitability.

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Applying Ferguson System Financial Signals

FG Publishing Ltd.'s latest booklet is now available!  All 47 financial measurements which are used in internationally recognized Ferguson System Analysis are explained by Roy Ferguson in the same, detailed and logical style as appears in the "Publisher's Corner" section of each issue of The Ferguson AgReport.

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The SF Index for 1998

A 25-page summary of data with detailed charts and explanations concerning the latest information compiled by the 16-year, joint research project conducted by Successful Farming Magazine and Ferguson Group (Tulsa) Ltd. relative to U.S. agriculture's financial health.  Data were analyzed by Roy Ferguson from 1,295 individual farms and ranches having Total Assets of $1.438 billion and Total Sales of $557.7 million located in 8 agricultural states. The study divides its participants into 6 Sales categories ranging from an average of $74,003 to $857,800 plus 5 enterprise classifications having Average Sales of $354,522 to $1,002,778.

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